The main body is one-block in high-quality cast steel, reinforced in the points where the stress is higher, without any welded plate. The cutting blades, made in special hardened steel, are designed to cut both small and big diameter iron. Gears are in wear-resistant steel, continuously lubricated, and the moving parts are in hardened and rectified steel.

RPM per 1′ 60
Power Kw 3
Weight Kg 470
Dimension (LxLxH) 60x100x85


Bar No.bars No.bars No.bars No.bars No.bars
1 2 3 4 5
Res.650N/mm² Ø max 34 Ø max 24 Ø max 18 Ø max 14 Ø max 12
Res.850N/mm² Ø max 30 Ø max 20 Ø max 16 Ø max 12 Ø max 10